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Poll: Active Churchgoers More Likely to Express Life Satisfaction
Adelle M. Banks

(RNS) Americans' views about life satisfaction are shaped by their faith
and religious practice, a Barna poll shows. Pollsters questioned people
with an active faith -- those who attend church, read the Bible and pray
during a typical week -- and found that 73 percent strongly agreed that
they were very happy with their lives, compared to 64 percent of those
who are less active. The poll was released Wednesday (April 23) by Barna
Research Group of Ventura, Calif. People with an active faith also were
more likely to say they were in excellent physical condition -- 42
percent, compared to 34 percent of those less active in their faith. The
poll found that 66 percent of all adults believe religion is losing its
influence in our society but 70 percent say their "religious faith is
constantly growing deeper." Pollsters compared evangelical Christians to
atheists and agnostics and found that 84 percent of evangelicals
strongly state they are very happy with their lives compared to 57
percent of agnostics and atheists. While 14 percent of evangelicals said
they feel their lives get more stressful each year, 29 percent of those
in the category with no faith feel their lives are increasingly

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